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Dhyana Vargas


Email: info@osho-meditation-festival.com
Tel: 0049 177 50 31 675
Website: www.osho-meditation-festival

Dhyana Vargas was born in Colombia and came to Germany many years ago to study graphic design. After her work experience in the advertising world she felt the urgency to discover herself and gain more understanding about life. This search brought her to Berlin where she met the Osho Meditations; amazed by the awareness and clarity she got through these techniques and with the desire of sharing her experience, she became a certified meditation facilitator in Pune, India. Currently she offers Osho Meditations and Osho therapies, and teaches Sufi Whirling around the world. She is the creator of the Sufi Laboratorium and Whirling in Berlin as well as Osho Meditation Colombia.

Dhyana offers Active Meditations, Osho meditative therapy, sufi techniques and sufi whirling workshops and courses. She also bring other therapists to Berlin, whose work have been of inmense help for her, like Hawaiian Massage Therapy for women.

Themes: meditation, awareness, hypnosis, body-mind healing, opening to the heart, embodiment, grounding, emotional release.